Wing Foiling and Indo Board

Wing foiling or wing surfing is a wind propelled water sport that developed from kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing.[1] The sailor, standing on a board, holds directly onto a wing. It generates both upward force and sideways propulsion and thus moves the board across the water. The recent development of foilboards, which plane very early on a hydrofoil fin and thereby lift off the water producing low friction, represent the ideal complimentary hydrodynamic platform for wings. This young sport is poised to become wildly popular (From Wikipedia).

To learn foiling,  it is recommended to try it behind a boat. But as most of us don't have access to a boat, get started by practicing your balance with an Indo Board. 

Improve balance and leg strength with exercises that will keep you in shape for rough water paddling, surfing, and foiling. Doing squats on an Indo Board improves balance and control while building strength and endurance.

You can replicate the sensation of foiling by using an Indo Board with the IndoFLO cushion or with the roller. Shifting your weight and moving your hips from back to front and vice versa will feel like you are on the water foiling. Indo Board exercises will improve your muscle memory, and therefore will help you stay balanced.  There is lots of fun out there on the water so get started first on dry land with Indo Board.

Nick Baker Windsurfing World Champion getting INDO it!

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